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SHIHAR - Wild & Noble Fashion

My name is Shira Tilles Marcus and I am the founder of - SHIHAR - Wild & Noble Fashion.

I am super excited with my new online shop, but I am not a new business I have been selling on Etsy for more than 8 years with more than 4000 happy customers around the world and more than 1400 great reviews. 

For over a decade I have been designing high quality,  versatile fashion; Inspired by my travells world wide, creating unique, sustainable women’s wear collections.

My education as a sculptress at the University of Camberwell, England, gave me a deep understanding of the female form, and this artistic background can clearly be seen to influence my designs today.

Within all of my designs I remain loyal to 3 core values.

  1. Authenticity with versatile Original Designs
  2. Sustainable Fashion
  3. Ethical trade; working with love 


Authentic, Versatile, Original Designs that Suit Your Lifestyle:

Slow Fashion:

 Ethical trade - I choose to work with love:

Shop your way to a better world.

Shira Tilles Marcus

Shira Tilles Marcus